Volunteer for Walk to Mary

We have a group of regular volunteers who help us the day of the Pilgrimage.  However, there may be instances when one of our volunteers can’t make it.  If you can’t participate in the Walk to Mary maybe you could volunteer your time.  If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the form below indicating an interest in volunteering.  We will put you on our volunteer list and contact you should we have a need.

Thanks for your interest in helping out with the Walk to Mary!

Become a Walk to Mary ambassador!

A Walk to Mary Ambassador is someone who helps us promote the Walk to Mary pilgrimage in their parish and community.  Simply fill out the form below, indicating you want to become a Walk to Mary Ambassador.  We will contact you and send you posters, flyers and other marketing and promotional materials that you can provide to your parish and other local parishes.  Hopefully you can spend a few hours to help us.  We’d appreciate that.

Sign up to serve!

Walk to Mary MAY 1, 2021

Walk to Mary
MAY 1, 2021