1. Motivate yourself. You will have a much harder time walking if you aren’t spiritually prepared. You have to want to do this long distance walk.
  2. Start out easy.  Depending on the shape you’re in, you might be starting with a walk in a local park or a walk around your house.  Start out with a distance you ”know” you can easily walk.
  3. Start building distance.  Your walks should eventually start to increase in distance and time.  Don’t increase these too quickly though. You don’t want to walk for fifteen minutes on one day, and then walk two hours the next day.
  4. When you have reached your target distance, go over it.  When you have reached the distance that your long distance walk will be, feel free to keep increasing the time and distance of your walks. This will only make your long distance walk seem easier.
  5. Keep walking, and when it is time for your walk, you ”will” be ready.