No, we don’t allow people to ride bikes nor do we allow people to run the route the day of the Walk to Mary. This is not a sporting event. This is a walking spiritual pilgrimage.

In our Walk to Mary prayer we pray:

Just as the three Kings journeyed from the East to find Christ;
Just as Jesus, Mary and Joseph travelled by foot from Nazareth to the Temple in Jerusalem;
Just as Peter and James and John hiked up the mountain all day with the Lord;
Just as Christian Pilgrims have trekked across Europe and the Middle East to the Holy Places;
Just as Saint John Paul II voyaged to all mankind to find Christ and bring Christ;
So too we set forth on foot today, starting at the National Shrine of St. Joseph and Walking to Mary, to visit the grounds made holy by Our Lady of Good Help, Queen of Heaven, as we commit ourselves to answering her call to “teach the children what they need to know for their salvation.”